Apple MacBook Air M2 gets Rs. 15000 off in India: Worth buying now?

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Apple MacBook Air M2 gets a mega Rs. 15000 discount in India. Is it worth buying now?

The Apple MacBook Air M2 is currently enjoying a notable discount on its price. Launched at the WWDC 2022 earlier this year, the MacBook Air got a major redesign this year and Apple’s new M2 chip. Apple continued selling the MacBook Air M1 as the entry-level model while selling new MacBook Air M2 at a higher price. Few months down the line, Amazon is now selling the M2 MacBook Air at a much reduced price, bringing it down to just over Rs. 1 lakh.

The MacBook Air M2 was originally announced in India at a starting price of Rs. 119,900 for the base 256GB variant. At the moment, you can get the same 256GB variant of the MacBook Air M2 at a price of Rs. 105,500 on Amazon’s India website. That is almost a saving of Rs. 15000 on this laptop.

Additionally, the older MacBook Air M1 256GB variant is also being sold at a lower price here. The M1 variant is available on Amazon at a starting price of Rs. 86990.

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Apple MacBook Air M2: Should you buy it now?

The MacBook Air M2 is still a pricey affair over the MacBook Air M1, and for most people, there is no logical reason to spend extra. However, for those extra monies, the MacBook Air M2 offers just enough to warrant the extra.

The MacBook Air M2 gets a bigger 13.6-inch IPS LCD display with slimmer bezels and a small display notch on the top. The notch holds the 1080p webcam that also supports Center Stage. The display is brighter than the older M1 variant.

The M2 variant also gets a much rounded design, with rounded edges and a new keyboard layout with larger keycaps. The speakers now sit inside the hinge area but the overall volume is lower than the older model. Battery life is almost on par with the M1 powered MacBook Air and you also get the MagSafe charging port other than the two USB-C ports.

Most importantly, the M2 chip on the MacBook Air offers slight performance improvements. Those seeking better performance for video editing and photo editing, as well as basic coding.

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