China’s Top Broker Says ChatGPT Did Well in Research Assignment

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ChatGPT can write a well-organized and clear market outlook report but lacks independent analysis skills, according to a research team at one of China’s largest brokerages.

Analysts at China International Capital Corp Ltd. asked the sensational chatbot to write a report on 2023 global market outlook and learned it has “a certain degree of financial knowledge and market analytical capability,” Zhao Li and Xiaoqing Yang wrote in a note. “It is more bullish on equities and gold, while more cautious on bonds and commodities,” the analysts said.

The experiment comes as questions swirl around the globe on whether the artificial intelligence chatbot can displace humans at work. That may be premature for analysts, as CICC says “it does not yet have independent market analysis capabilities and should not be directly used to guide investment decision.”

Nonetheless, the ChatGPT-written report was “relatively well structured” and included topics from the pandemic to rising rates and monetary policies, the broker said. If working with human analysts, the chatbot can write a simple investment report in a short period of time, the note said.

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