Geomagnetic storm hits Earth! Solar wind sparks red auroras in US

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Earth has been in the firing line of various natural phenomena in the 2 months into the new year. Moreover, devastating earthquakes have plagued places like Turkey, wreaking havoc and causing major loss of life and property. Out in space, solar activity has also been at a high with solar storms, solar flares, CMEs and other phenomena impacting Earth. Now, it has been revealed that a gap in the Earth’s magnetic field allowed dangerous solar wind to pass through.

According to a report by, solar wind passed through a gap which occurred due to a crack in the Earth’s magnetic field. The report stated, “Yesterday, a crack opened in Earth’s magnetic field. Solar wind poured through the gap, sparking a G1-class geomagnetic storm.”

This further sparked a G-1 class Geomagnetic Storm. The crack occurred due to South-pointing magnetic fields weakening Earth’s defenses against the solar wind due to a CME which hit Earth on February 15, allowing the gaseous material to penetrate.

The Geomagnetic storm caused physical effects and resulted in the formation of bright red auroras which were seen by people in Hamilton, Montana. Bill Burnett, who saw the mesmerizing phenomenon taking place in the sky and captured the image, told, “Northern Lights were visible from the lower end of the Bitterroot valley on Feb 15th around 11:30pm. Visually, there was just a green glow on the northern horizon with just a faint hint of light pillars. However, the camera really picked up the various colours.”

Solar Cycle

The Sun entered solar cycle 25 in 2019 and it is expected that it will hit its peak in July 2025. And this is the main reason why the Sun has suddenly become so violent. The Earth is in for a rough ride. If the Earth is hit with a G5-class solar storm, it can not only damage satellites and disrupt wireless communications such as internet services, mobile network and GPS, it can also cause power grid failures and even disrupt electronics such as pacemakers on Earth.

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