iOS 16 update to bring over 30 new emojis to your iPhone; pink heart to wireless, check list

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Apple has officially released the iOS 16.4 beta update and it will bring many new features. One of these most exciting updates is the likely rollout of a set of new emojis that will reach your iPhone soon. Thanks to Emojipedia, the first look of the new set of emojis has already been revealed. However, do remember that there is a possibility that these designs could change when the iOS 16.4 update is finally rolled out to the general public. In the latest beta release for Apple devices, 31 brand-new emojis have been introduced. Here’s a list of all new emojis that iPhone users will be able to enjoy soon.

Latest emojis on iPhones

  • The list of new emojis in the beta release of iOS 16.4 includes one new shaking smiley face which can be used to express physical shaking from external forces or internal emotions.
  • There are three new coloured heart emojis – light blue, grey, and pink.
  • Apart from these, there are two new hand gestures — Rightwards Pushing Hand and Leftwards Pushing Hand — that are expected to support the usual five skin tone modifiers, the Emojipedia blog suggested.
  • Moreover, there are 8 new emoji designs across the categories of animals & nature and food & drink. Also, there are two additions to each category – activity, objects, and symbols. These emojis include:

– Donkey

– Moose

– Goose

– Wing

– Jellyfish

– Hyacinth

– Pea Pod

– Ginger

– Folding Hand Fan

– Hair Pick

– Flute

– Maracas

– Khanda

– Wireless

Release of latest emojis on iPhones

These updates are expected to arrive on iOS sometime in the upcoming Spring season. As of now, the iOS 16.4 beta 1 containing these updates is accessible exclusively to subscribers of the Apple Developer Program. For the general iPhone users, it will still take time.

However, considering previous iOS beta release patterns, it is anticipated that the final public version of iOS 16.4 will be available to users in either March or April of 2023, the report mentioned. All iOS 16-supported devices such as iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone SE, and others will get the update.

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