Microsoft Teams Premium just got these OpenAI powered features; it is FREE for now

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Your Teams meetings are set to be more intelligent, personalised, and protected, says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. This is so because Microsoft has rolled out a new and premium Teams service which is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 technology. Nadella took to Twitter to announce, “We’re bringing the power of large language models, including OpenAI’s GPT, to Teams Premium, as we make meetings more intelligent, personalized, and protected.”

What will change with the arrival of the Premium Teams feature? It is said that OpenAI-owned GPT-3.5 will help to generate meeting notes, recommend tasks, and also offer live translations during the Teams meetings to make the work more productive and effortless. This will be possible due to the intelligent recap in Teams premium to help you get the information most important to you, even if you miss the meeting. With intelligent recap, you can now save time spent reviewing meeting recordings.

AI-generated chapters divide the meeting into sections so it’s easy to pick and choose the content most relevant to you. This is available starting February 1 for PowerPoint Live meeting recordings. Intelligent recap will automatically generate meeting chapters based on the meeting transcript as well. Apart from this, personalized timeline markers feature has been also added to Teams which can be only viewed by you when you joined or left a meeting in the recording.

Microsoft says, “With live translations (for captions) now available in Teams Premium, you get AI-powered real-time translations from 40 spoken languages.”

Who can get Microsoft Teams Premium

You can give Microsoft Teams Premium a try for free for 30 days. Your free Microsoft Teams Premium trial will automatically end after 30 days. You buy before July 1, 2023, for just USD7 per user per month. Microsoft says that it is 30 percent off the standard USD10 pricing.

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