Shocked and awed! Elon Musk changes Twitter logo to Doge meme

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CEO Elon Musk has once again hit the headlines. This time too it is for his shocking act. Musk has previously been in the headlines for his decision to buy Twitter last year for a staggering $44 billion as well as introduction of Twitter Blue membership and removal of verified accounts on the micro-blogging platform. Now, Musk has once again taken a controversial step, albeit a bit funny, and changed the Twitter bird logo to Shiba Inu, the logo of Dogecoin cryptocurrency, as per ANI.

The iconic bluebird logo of Twitter has been replaced by the Doge meme, the logo of Dogecoin which was created as a joke back in 2013. If you’re not able to see the change, there might be a chance that you’re using the Twitter app. Musk has only changed the Twitter logo on the web version while the bluebird icon remains the same on the Twitter app.

Musk took to Twitter to announce this change with a meme which featured a Shiba Inu in a car showing the driver’s license to a police officer and saying, “That’s an old photo”. Musk also shared a screenshot of a conversation on Twitter which happened back on March 26, 2022, with a user named @WSBChairman who told Musk to buy Twitter “and change the logo to a doge”, to which Musk replied,” Haha that would be sickkk”. Musk captioned the Twitter post as “As promised”.

Twitter Blue

One of the biggest bets made by Twitter CEO Elon Musk after he took the reins of the company was to relaunch Twitter Blue, a subscription service which gives users premium features, to increase the company’s revenue stream and to decrease the reliance on advertisers. One of the most lucrative features included in the subscription is blue tick verification, which earlier was reserved for notable people and organizations.

But after an uproar over the verification process, the company relaunched the new Twitter Blue on December 12 with a better verification process to keep trolls away.

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