Subscribers report YouTube outage! Downdetector says video streaming biggest problem

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Are you able to stream video on YouTube today? Several user reports indicate that YouTube has been having problems since 12:21 AM EDT. Informing about the same Downdetector tweeted, “User reports indicate Youtube is having problems since 12:21 AM EDT. RT if you’re also having problems.” According to Downdetector, the most reported problems include video streaming (54 percent), app (28 percent). and website (18 percent.)

Some of the YouTube users complained about the issue of whited out videos, trouble in two step verification, and more. Here are some of the comments YouTube users made:

1. website loads but videos are all whited-out

2. 2-Step Verification is NOT working logging into existing account using Edge browser. Both iPhone and iPad YouTube app simply spins but no Yes prompt.

3. Says there is no problem with youtube but my video keeps buffering and i know it’s not my internet.

4. Random buffering and slow video loading for days now… the search sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t work.

5. My search button doesn’t work on my account, works on others though. What’s going on?

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