Sun spews out dark plasma from CME; Could spark G1-class Geomagnetic Storm soon

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CMEs are massive plasma clouds carrying photons that are ejected from the Sun. CME occurs extremely frequently during the 11-year solar cycle and is at peak during the middle of the cycle. Earth therefore, is being bombarded at the moment with a number of CMEs sparking problems for humanity. And now, NASA and ESA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory have recently observed dangerous dark plasma spewing out from the southwestern area of the solar surface.

According to a report by, this dark plasma was seen flying away from the surface of the Sun by the SOHO spacecraft. Dark Plasma is formed at the core of a CME and is cooler and less luminous than the Sun. NOAA experts have modeled this scenario and predicted that it will just graze Earth’s magnetic field on March 15. This could also spark G1-class Geomagnetic Storm, according to the report.

According to NASA, when a CME cloud plows through the solar wind, high velocity solar energetic particles can be produced and because they are charged, they must follow the magnetic field lines that pervade the space between the Sun and the Earth.

The report stated, “This relatively dark material formed the core of a CME, which was seen flying away from the sun by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). NOAA analysts have modeled the CME and determined that it could graze Earth’s magnetic field on March 15th, producing a G1-class geomagnetic storm.”

Factors driving solar activity

The Sun entered solar cycle 25 in 2019 and it is expected that it will hit its peak in July 2025. And this is the main reason why the Sun has suddenly become so violent. If the Earth is hit with the most dangerous G5-class solar storm, it can not only damage satellites and disrupt wireless communications such as internet services, mobile network and GPS, it can also cause power grid failures and even disrupt medical electronics such as pacemakers or ventilators on Earth.

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