Waiting for iOS 16.5 update? Prepare your iPhone THIS way for the download

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It has been just over two weeks since the iOS 16.4 update was rolled out and iPhone enthusiasts are already looking forward to its next iteration, dubbed iOS 16.5. We may not have a release date for it yet, but we already know about some of the new features it is likely to bring for supported iPhones. The update will allow users to record their screen with a voice command to Siri, a separate sports tab on Apple News, and more. If you’re waiting for the update as well, what you can do right now is set up your iPhone so that as soon as the update is out, you can instantly download it.

Set up your iPhone for iOS 16.5 update

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that iOS 16.5 update will be fairly big file size. So, you would need enough storage in your device to download the full file. If you do not have enough space, you will have to remove apps and files to make space for the update. It is, therefore, a wise choice to proactively make space for it. To give a reference, the iOS 16.4 update on iPhone 14 was 2.2 GB in size.

Next, you should ensure that all your data is backed up either on iCloud or on a separate device. There is always a chance that the installation process may corrupt some data and you would not want to lose out on any of it.

You also need to make sure that there are no interruptions when it comes to downloading the file. For this, it is ideal to stay on a reliable Wi-Fi network over mobile data.

Additionally, in order to install the update right away, you need to ensure that your iPhone is not running low on charge. If that happens, you may lose some firmware installation and it can affect your device adversely. To avoid this, charge your iPhone before starting the installation.

Finally, you should keep your Apple ID and other login details available to you. Sometimes these iOS updates can log you out of some services and apps and you may have to manually log into them again.

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