WhatsApp introduces exciting new features; Send up to 100 photos, Avatar stickers, more

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WhatsApp has been adding a series of new features to its Android app lately. On February 7, the instant messaging platform introduced multiple new features around status updates. Users can now react with emojis, add voice messages and more in status. And now, WhatsApp has added more new features, this time across the entire app. Users will now be able to send up to 100 photos at a time, a feature which was highly requested. Other than that, now the group subject space gets longer, users get access to avatars for profile pictures and stickers and add a caption to documents as well. Let us take a closer look at these new features.

WhatsApp Android gets new features

Send up to 100 photos – Earlier, the app had an upper limit of 30 photos or videos that could be sent at a time. If a user wanted to send more, they would have to repeat the process multiple times. It was a big hassle, especially considering the fact that the user would also have to remember their place in the image library and then begin from the next one. But now, users will be able to share as many as 100 photos and videos together at a time. This increased capability will definitely make it easier for people to share their holiday photos with friends and family.

Add captions while sending documents – While sharing media in a group or a chat, WhatsApp previously allowed users to add a caption to images and videos. However, documents did not have a space to attach captions. As a result, it was difficult to keep track of documents, especially when multiple were shared together. To solve this problem, WhatsApp now allows users to attach captions even on documents.

Longer group subjects and descriptions – WhatsApp has given a massive boost to group subject character limit. Earlier it was 25 characters, in which users had to fit in the name or the purpose of the group. But now, users will get up to 100 characters to describe their group name properly. This will also help the participants in understanding the purpose of the group. Additionally, extra space is available for group description as well.

Personalized Avatars – Users can now go to settings in the home screen to find options of Avatars. They can create a personalized character and use it for profile pictures as well as stickers. This feature was announced long back, but it is finally being rolled out to general users.

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